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The New Jersey Bird Records Committee collects records of rare birds reported in the state of New Jersey, and maintains a State List of all species seen in the state. Our goals are summarized by Richard Crossley. In this context, "rare bird" means a species which has never appeared in the state before, or has appeared only a few times. Typically, these birds are not in normal range or habitat and are not present for a long period. In this usage "rare" doesn't mean endangered species with a wide continental range, or threatened breeding birds. Such species are not monitored by NJBRC, and should be reported to the appropriate governmental or conservation organizations.

What's New:

The outstanding rarity of the season and probably the year was the famous Whiskered Tern at Cape May Point, September 13 - 21. Only the third record for North America, all three occurrences have initially been at Cape May, although the first in July 1993 relocated to Delaware after a couple of days. The second record was a bird present in Cape May for five days in August 1998.

What to report:

Please note: Report species which are listed on the New Jersey Review List or species new to the state; see the New Jersey State List for species which have occurred in the state. For a list of accepted records of rare species, see the Accepted Records List.

Please do not report Federal or State "Threatened and Endangered List" species to the Committee unless they are also shown on the Review List.

New Jersey protected species, either Endangered or Threatened, include: American Bittern, Bald Eagle, Black Skimmer, Henslow's Sparrow, Least Tern, Loggerhead Shrike, Northern Goshawk, Northern Harrier, Peregrine Falcon, Pied-billed Grebe, Piping Plover, Red-Shouldered Hawk, Roseate Tern, Sedge Wren, Short-eared Owl, Upland Sandpiper, Vesper Sparrow, Barred Owl, Black Rail, Black-crowned Night-Heron, Bobolink, Cooper's Hawk, Grasshopper Sparrow, Long-eared Owl, Osprey, Red Knot, Red-headed Woodpecker, Red-shouldered Hawk, Savannah Sparrow, and Yellow-crowned Night-Heron. For information on reporting T&E species in New Jersey, see

Federal listed species occuring in New Jersey include Bald Eagle, Brown Pelican, Piping Plover, Least Tern and Roseate Tern. For information on Federal T&E species programs, see

If in doubt, e-mail the Secretary ( and ask.

How to report:

Reports may be on a printout of the NJBRC report form; may be sent in e-mail either as a narrative or using a text version of the form; or may be written longhand. Sketches are always welcome. Please send hard-copy reports, sketches, and photographs to via email to, or regular mail to: Bill Boyle, Secretary, NJBRC, 13 Strawberry Lane, Cape May, NJ 08204.

Unusual species not on the Review List are of great interest to many birders, and information should be shared publicly when possible, although the committee does not collect these reports. New Jersey has two telephone hotlines and two active Listserv mailing lists. Please check the "where to report" page if you don't know where a report should be sent.


Our list of essential New Jersey bird books and journals is a guide to historical research about the state's birds.

Interim Summary of Committee Review

The attached document summarize the results of the NJBRC meeting on November 2, 2014. At the meeting, two new species were added to the State List.

Annual Reports of the NJBRC


For general questions about birds, birding, and bird conservation, contact the New Jersey Audubon Society,

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